Allocated Chair or Cadeiras Individuais

Want to have your own seat at the Rio Sambodromo without breaking the bank? If you answer is Yes, then allocated chairs or back stalls are the right tickets for you.

Allocated chairs are assigned seats, available only on Sectors 12 and 13 of Rio Sambodromo and are the most affordable samba parade carnival tickets. They are located at the very end of the parade, close to the Apotheosis.  If you want to make sure you have the same seat for the entire night, book the allocated Chairs to watch the Samba Parades.  You will have your own private chair, and can come and go whenever you like. The chairs are located on reclining steps to assure you unrestricted, good views. Sectors 12 and 13 are like an open-air theatre with a long lines of chairs facing the parade, located towards the end of the runway. 

Because you are at the very end of the parade, the intervals between the samba schools are of approximately half an hour long, which can bore you. It’s good you have your own chair assigned so you can wander around as you please, between the shows.