Rio Carnival Costumes


Rio Carnival Costumes

We will not have sales of costumes for the Rio Carnival 2022. The costumes for Rio Carnival will return in 2023. To receive a notification subscribe to the newsletter below:

Exceptionally, this year we will not offer the costumes for the parade. For those who wish to parade, we recommend contacting our main supplier directly through WhatsApp Jorge or Tainá


How to pick-up

You have to personally pick-up your costumes at our Hospitality Desk.

Hotel Atlântico Copacabana

Rua Siqueira Campos, 90 - Copacabana
(Across the street from Siqueira Campos Metro Station)

Costumes for Access Group Samba Schools

Feb 17th (Friday) or Feb 18th (Saturday), 2023
10 AM – 5 PM

Costumes for Special Group Samba Schools

Feb 18th (Saturday) or Feb 19th (Sunday), 2023
10AM – 5PM


  1. The purchase of costumes for the samba schools parades is subject to availability. Usually, our supply runs out in the middle of January
  2. Our VIP Service includes transfer in and out of the Sambadrome with a dedicated guide to assist you during the whole experience. It's the most convenient option, but not the only one.
  3. You may buy any costume available and get to the Sambadrome in the way of your choice. The subway is safe and works around the clock during Carnival days.